How to Hire a Candidate

       In the world of selecting and holding top talent, one challenge keeps to plague numerous organizations. How do you pick the most elite? Or possibly, the best from what applied for the job or was brought forth by the recruiter? Today, Candidates have access to tools and various resources that can help them to give the best or right responses to their questions whether they have the skills/abilities or not!

How to hire a candidate
Hiring a Candidate


Regardless of whether organization provides numerous facilities or anything else, hiring best individuals for a business is dependably the most critical errand. A company is only as good as the people it keeps, and as a Recruiting & HR Proficient have this duty on their shoulders.

Many candidates hope to discover employment have been personally trained on everything from image to self-presentation, So how do organizations get past all the clean and marvelousness to recognize whether an applicant truly has the goods.

Before beginning the process of finding the individual you first need to make a job description.  Begin with an outline of what you do now, extend the portrayal by including a dream or objective for the future, at that point depict the perfect candidate for the job. Once you’ve come up with the right job description you can begin the recruiting process.

Developing Job description:

               A large part of getting the right fit when hiring is writing a job description and ad that properly describes the position and company. So the applicant will get a thought whether they’ll fit in. Identify the most important qualities you want the candidate to have, and make sure these are stated clearly in the job description.

                The initial phase in enlisting the perfect individual is to characterize what you are searching for and what obligations and undertakings will be taken care of by the individual in this position. This implies, to start, you should assemble a rundown of the responsibilities, tasks, and communication needs like desired business experience, education requirements, knowledge , skills & abilities, objectives and accountabilities , competencies , work schedule, compensation and benefits.

Advertising the position:

 Advertise the position by using multiple advertising mediums such as job websites, local and national newspapers or even international websites. If you advertise only in local newspapers, your narrow search means you’ll only get local talent. Obviously, the Internet has turned into the main setting for posting employment  opportunities. Casting your net further means you will have a better chance of hiring the best people. Word of mouth is always helpful because someone has already tried the service or worked with potential employee.

Reviewing resumes and identifying candidates:

After advertising your position you will receive more no of resumes, sometimes you might have not been imagined. Reviewing all the potential candidates in terms of their skills, abilities, education qualifications and experience etc…

Screening Candidates:

After limiting a pile of resumes, you’ll have a handful of potential applicants, call the applicants by using of telephone and ask relevant questions limit to that field.

Assessing Candidates:

Assess the candidates through the resume and phone interview and make ensure that multiple key people meet with the recruiter and weigh in on qualifications, attitude, and cultural fit.

Scheduling and Holding candidate interviews:

 Follow up and scheduling interviews on particular day. Conducting interviews on that day for assessed candidates those who are selected based on previous rounds.


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